Re-recording my Cassidy voice over

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Adam Dravian
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Re-recording my Cassidy voice over

Post by Adam Dravian »

I posted this at No Mutants Allowed, but was directed to post it here as well.

I'm the lead writer of the RP and the original voice of Cassidy. Now that I'm about twenty years older, I've re-recorded all my Cassidy lines. This was something I'd been wanting to do for a while, but I was finally spurred into action by the folks behind the Fallout 2 RPU Talking Heads Mod.

I know some people have taken up the task of updating the Fallout RP, and that they had some other dude record Cassidy's lines, but I'm going to post my new recordings here and I give full permission to anyone to use them as you wish (with credit of course; ignore the misspelling of my surname at No Mutants Allowed, it's Dravian). I prefer this new vocal take on Cassidy as it's not pitch-shifted like my original lines were. ... sp=sharing
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Re: Re-recording my Cassidy voice over

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Hi, Adam. Nice to see you. Thanks for the update.
It'll take some effort to get this working in the game, so it gets there when it gets there. Maybe someone will want to pick it up.
The misspelling will be corrected.
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