How to prepare a Fallout mod for translation

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How to prepare a Fallout mod for translation

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This is a basic starting guide. It assumes that translations will be commited directly to the master branch.

- There are many workflow customizations possible (custom branches, pull requests, etc). These are not covered here, and if you want to use those, it's possible, but you'll be expected to handle the relevant bits yourself.
- When in doubt, use UPU repo as reference.

1. Dedicate a separate directory to translations. (Generally, you already have it - "data/text")
2. Lowercase the dir recursively. (And keep them lowercased. This is to prevent diff noise. You can skip this step, but if something's goes wrong, you'll have to take care of that yourself.)
3. Create a .bgforge.yml file. It shows where the translation files should be found. The two directives are "tra_dir" (directory with translations) and "src_lang" (source language). Defaults values are "tra" and "english". If your values differ from defaults, you need to specify them in the config:

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  tra_dir: data/text
  extract_format: sfall  # enables female strings extraction as supported by sfall
4. Add github hook.
5. Create a request topic in this forum, specifying mod name and repo url.
If you have existing translations, they can be pre-loaded.
6. Subscribe to github integration annoucement topic.
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