What is UPU and RPU

Updated versions of killap's Unofficial Patch and Restoration Project.
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What is UPU and RPU

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UPU stands for "Unoffical Patch, updated", and the same is for RPU = "Restoration Project, updated".

So I spent some time plowing through RP bug reports and packaged an update. In fact, it turned out that most of the issues were actually related to vanilla/UP, so I decided to package that one too.

As you know, these are not my mods. Both UP and RP are works of many people, most notably killap, but others made significant contributions too. I simply stepped up to do what I could because no one else did.
The reason to name new packages UPU/RPU is to avoid unnnecessary confusion.

There are no plans for RP expansion. The mod is largely complete. Though if you do find something else worth restoring, and willing to do the work yourself, it may be discussed.

What changed
There's about a hundred fixes overall, plus spelling standartization and typo corrections. And a new sfall version with engine fixes brought to us by our sfall overlords. That's on the outside.
On the inside, there's also a lot of changes: various optimizations, some scripts were missing from the published sources, others weren't matching, build scripts were failing etc etc. All that had to be taken care of.
Many fixes were made by NovaRain, many by me, also there are fixes submitted by other people.
Detailed changelogs: UPU, RPU. (Each RPU version includes fixes from the corresponding UPU version)

How to install
Instructions are in the corresponding readmes: UPU, RPU.
You should not install UP before UPU, or RP before RPU. Both UPU and RPU are complete, self-contained packages.
RPU ships with the same additional mods as RP: Hero Appearance, Party Orders, etc.
UPU doesn't ship the extra mods, but you can download them from github and install manually. They are all compatible with UPU.

Update mid-game
In general, you should be able to update from UP to UPU and from RP to RPU and continue your game. This is untested, however. So take necessary precautions: backups of at least the savegames, and better yet, the entire game directory.

Both mods ship with various translations. They are complete to different degrees. You can see the progress and help translating them here, and your work will make it into the following UPU/RPU releases. (And while you're there, don't be shy to translate other projects in the system. Every little bit helps.)

Report bugs
Go to github issues: UPU, RPU. Attach saves, screenshots/gifs/videos to illustrate, describe steps to reproduce.
There is no use reporting issues here in this topic. Forums are not a suitable tool for tracking bugs, and I do not check NMA regularly.

Feedback, questions, discussions
Not for bugs. Bugs go to github.
Discord | Telegram | IRC | Forum
(Also, please don't send me private messages or emails about these or any other mods. I do not even read them. These are community projects, and communication better stay public. Use forums and chats.)

Coders wanted
If you want to help, and you're not afraid of coding, raise your hand. Fallout 2 code is a pile of dung, and although I've shoveling it for 2 years now, there's still much to be done.
Please do not PM or email me about my mods and projects. Use forums. Also, see our talk channels.