Multi-language server and extension for vscode-based editors. Supports various Infinity Engine and Fallout syntaxes.
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This a list of possible language server features that may or may not get implemented in BGforge MLS, grouped by priority. The priority is determined by implementation difficulty and demand. Demand is determined by user activity. Things can and will be moved around.

Tier 0: already implemented, but needs community assistance to expand:
1. More highlighting, completion, hovers. Moderately difficult, regexes could be annoying, but mostly this requires dedication to transfer docs to yaml.
2. Snippets. Easy, anyone can add those.

Tier 1: Highly desirable, and supposedly not very hard. This will be focused on first.
1. Context-dependent completion.
2. Incremental text syncronization. Supposedly, that should speed up the other Intellisense features.
3. Indentation on typing. Should be easy.
4. Support more file formats for errors/warnings reporting (tpa, tpp, baf, d). Waiting for WeiDU update. Implemented.
5. Autoformat file or selected piece of code. Not easy.

Tier 2: Pain/gain = 1/1
1. Signature help. Rudimentarily implemented, needs more community input to expand.
2. Go to definition. And/or declaration (not sure if VScode support the latter).
3. Incremental formatting.

Tier 3: At best situationally helpful, or exceptionally hard, or both. High chance this will never get done.
1. Diagnostics. Not sure if this is needed, in addition to ondemand error reporting.
2. Show all symbol definitions in a document or folder
3. Find all references to a symbol.
4. Highlight all occurences of a symbol

Tier 4: Not even applicable?
1. Show possible actions on errors or warnings
2. Show actionable context information within source code
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