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Version 8

Post by Magus » Thu Jul 23, 2020 6:45 pm

Version 8 is released, with many new components, updates and fixes:

  • Ensured EE, SoD compatibility.
  • Removed dummy component detection files, switched to LABEL, only using it for some components.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Support for Project Infinity.
New components
  • Algernon's cloak: usable once per day.
  • Bloodless deeds.
  • Can't steal Carsomyr.
  • Distinct color for Perdue's sword.
  • Faster loading times.
  • Greater Command AoE.
  • Improved Equalizer.
  • Improved Shandalar's cloak.
  • Limited stock.
  • More map notes.
  • Mod romance cheats: Saerileth, Amber, Tyris.
  • No lightning during rain.
  • Really PnP protection items.
  • Sensible Blade spins.
  • Sensible multiclass restrictions.
  • Throwing damage type.
  • True True Grandmastery.
  • Unstack Chaos Shield.
  • Uncheese Mislead.
  • Uncheese Project Image.
  • Working Non-Detection.
  • Working protection from poison.
Improved traps - massive rewrite under the hood:
  • Allowed instant detection.
  • Allowed to increase detection range.
  • Added an option to center on the trap, rather than the character.
  • Fixed trap reminders begin displayed off the location of the actual trap.
  • Ensured that no traps are marked as detected by default.
  • Pause game option no longer interrupts character actions.
  • Allowed to toggle Find Traps automatically.
  • Added an option to display a generic reminder, not disclosing trap type.
  • Added an option to make Davaeorn's Battle Horrors non-disarmable.
Smarter familiars
  • Improved looting speed.
  • Fixed wrong dialog for WTP's imp.
  • Added combat tactics options.
  • Added dialog options to give potions.
  • Fixed quasit, dust mephit, fairy dragon missing their scripts.
Fair Fights
  • Fixed Shandalar's AC and saves to correspond to a normal human.
  • Winski Perorate - disabled instakill upon attacking Sarevok in the Ducal Palace.
  • Now affects all mages in game, removing items that pre-cast "spells" on them.
Remove Blur graphics
  • Now includes Cloak of Displacement.
True True Sight
  • Now includes Inquisitor's ability.
Hassle-free ammo
  • Fixed THAC0/damage bonuses for new returning items.
  • Maximized stack size for all ammo and throwing weapons.
Extended soundsets
  • Fixed Skie's happy line being silent.
  • Custom sounds changed to install on English only for now.
  • Allowed to install framerate-adjusted sound on Linux if wine is present.
Potion of really mirrored eyes
  • Added more comprehensive check to include various Gaze spells.

And in addition to all this goodness, TnT bundles updated TobEx v28, with fixes for spurious saving throws and magic resistance messages.
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