EItweaks: a mod for Evil Islands

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EItweaks: a mod for Evil Islands

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I just released a collection of my personal tweaks for Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul. An old game, but a worthy one.
Didn't test the mod on the english version, though, so making no guarantees there.

Mostly it includes various QoL and consistency changes:
  • Gameplay changes:
    • When a player character is running, stamina is depleted by points rather than percentage, which allows to run longer as stamina grows.
    • Human (PC and NPC) run speed slightly increased.
    • Human (PC and NPC) walk speed considerably increased.
    • Zak no longer has a level of backstab perk.
    • Reduced over-the-top armor values for golems and other "unkillable" monsters from 150 to 44.
  • Game speedup:
    • 1C/Nival intro movies are disabled.
    • New game starting movie is disabled.
    • Help screens are disabled by default.
    • New game "My head hurts" cutscene is shortened.
  • Items:
    • Dragons drop hide in addition to bones.
    • Stronger Green Dragon Horn.
  • Regeneration:
    • Disabled for undead and golems
    • Halved for dragons and ogres
    • Green/blue trolls are untouched, but black ones match them
    • Reduced dramatically for all other monsters and characters
  • Resistances:
    • Hard leather provide extra protection against piercing and bludgeoning, matching monster protection
    • Hide provides extra protection against piercing
    • Fur provides extra protection against bludgeoning
    • Lava elementals get extra protection from fire, Snow elementals get vulnerability to it
    • Lightning vulnerability for NPCs using metal armor and golems
  • Bug fixes:
    • Gipath bats description correctly states fire damage
    • Stony harpies have extra protection from lightning instead of fire
    • Grey harpies have extra protection from acid instead of fire
    • Dragons and items from dragon hide have extra protection from the corresponding elements
    • Dragons description correctly states their damage type

(Also related: see evil-islands.com restored).
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