"I have a suggestion for syntax highlighting"

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"I have a suggestion for syntax highlighting"

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Syntax highlighting in MLS is modeled after common programming languages. Generally, colors should match what one would expect (I hope). However, there are only so many distinctive colors/scopes, which means some compromises could've been made for better readability. And of course, it's not perfect yet, it should and will be improved.

If you think there's an issue with highlighting, it probably falls into one of these cases:
1) One or a few isolated words are colored wrong or missing color.
2) Color of a certain class of words is misleading or missing (when compared to common programming languages).
3) You just don't like some colors or think there's too much highlighting, or on the other hand, not enough. Or some other general idea.

1) is most probably a bug. You can report it directly to github, preferably with screenshots.

2) and 3), however, could be a matter of opinion. And it's not feasible to flip colors back and forth every time someone has an opinion about the overall scheme. Because of that, I'd like to at least try to reach some general conesensus on the matter before making changes. So please post your thoughts on the forum for everyone to discuss.
And it's best to actually use the current scheme for a couple of days before jumping in with suggestions, maybe it'll grow on you.

Edit: to get an idea about available highlighting features, refer to naming conventions and theme editor.
Edit2: and if you still want to make a request for improvement, please make an actual suggestion, name specific colors for specific scopes (follow the links above to see the options).
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