Bug Reports?

Updated versions of killap's Unofficial Patch and Restoration Project.
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Bug Reports?

Post by roshan »

Wanted to report some bugs with RPU + new maps mod. Don't know where else to post these. I am assuming these bugs are from the Restoration project base and not from the maps mod.

 - In Abbey, after finding out what is wrong with the pump (used repair on it), I don't get the option to ask Harry in Vault City for a motor. I can tell the Elder that I'm going to VC to get the part, but don't get the option there. I think maybe it's because I got the quest from the Elder instead of from trader outside.

 - In New Reno, after following the Wright children out to the desert, and watching the transaction, I don't get the XP for staying hidden until it's completed. The transaction also never fully ends.
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Re: Bug Reports?

Post by Magus »

Sorry, new maps mod is not supported here.
Please do not PM or email me about my mods and projects. Use forums. Also, see our talk channels.
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