Upscaled 60FPS videos for F2 RPU

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Upscaled 60FPS videos for F2 RPU

Post by Witchunter42 »

Hello all,

I have recently AI upscaled Fallout 2 cutscenes to 4k and 60FPS and I would
like to know if you, or anyone else from the community, would be interested
in helping me to put these into RPU, similarly to how HQ and lossless music

I also realize that 4K is an overkill, so I can easily rework these videos
to 1080p equivalent of the cutscenes to save space.
The resulting files in MP4/MKV are of relatively small size - max 400mb in
4K already, so the result in 1080p would be much smaller.
While waiting for your reply, I will proceed with testing how to put the
files back to MVE file format and put them in the dat files itself, but
that will probably be the end of my current skill level of modding - here
I would like to ask for your help.

You can see the work here (missing the explosion cutscene, its being
uploaded soon):

Thank you for your time, for the amazing work on the RPU and I hope for
your positive answer.

Have a great day!

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Re: Upscaled 60FPS videos for F2 RPU

Post by Magus »

You should be able to use avi container extension to get mp4 played without conversion to mve. That's what we do for music.
Xvid codec is recommended, although I wonder is there's any lossless option.

Regarding sizes, I'd consider making multiple: 800x600, 1280x720, 1280x800, 1920x1080.
About 4k, I don't think anyone actually runs Fallout in 4k, probably FHD strecthed to 4k at most. And not sure whether a 4k movie would play natively in that case, or it'd get scaled down to FHD and then stretched again. You'll have to test and/or ask sfall devs.

Depending on how large the movies turn out to be, it might be possible to include them. I'm not crazy about that, though, as RPU is already quite large. In any case, it would be possible to link the movie package for UPU/RPU users to download.

I'd suggest to start with making a multiple size avi package and publishing it directly for people to try in-game.
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