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How to use Glossary

Post by Magus » Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:40 pm

Glossary is a feature that allows to keep translation consistent. It's convenient, but you have to follow some rules while using it:

1) You can and should add names of people, places, items, etc into Glossary as you encounter them during the translation.

2) Keep Capital Letters for all terms in the translation, unless it violates norms of the language or reads extremely awkward. For example, Lone Wanderer should be translated as Vagabundo Solitario in Spanish.

3) You may not change terms in the Glossary without consulting other translators. If the term is there, it was added by someone. If you think that it can be translated better, you must discuss it in the corresponding language forum. Use an existing term discussion topic for that or start a new one if it doesn't exist. One topic per language per project. Project encompasses all mods, for example see "Fallout". Example topic names: "Terms: Fallout", "Terms: Infinity Engine".

Once the term has been discussed and consensus achieved, you may proceed to change the term. However, once you do that, you become responsible to ensure that new translation is propagated into all already translated strings. You can use "Search and replace" feature for that. Use it carefully, review changes before proceeding to save. If you accidentally replace too much, you are responsible for fixing that.

It's better to have a translation that is not exactly precise, than a translation that is inconsistent, because inconsistency confuses players.

4) A term can have more than one translation, depending on context. You may add second translation for a term in such a case. However, you must mention it in terms discussion topic, as described in 3), to avoid confusing other translators.

5) Multiple terms can have the same translation. Usually that is a sign of inconsistency in source strings. For example, you may encounter "Rad-Away" and "RadAway" in Fallout Fixt. There is no problem with that. You just make sure that it's consistent in your translation.

6) You should not copy all terms from Glossary to the term discussion topic. There is no need for that. Forum discussion is only for terms on which there are conflicting opinions.

Also, check out official documentation on Glossary.
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