Updated versions of killap's Unofficial Patch and Restoration Project.
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What is UPU and RPU

Post by Magus » Mon Oct 26, 2020 5:59 pm

UPU stands for "Unoffical Patch, updated", and the same is for RPU.

UP and RP are killap's creations (but many people helped him, of course). Unfortunately, he disappeared some time ago, and some bugs that were discovered later have been plaguing users for years.

BGforge picked up the mods, at least until killap's return. Killap provided the sources for them, but they weren't exactly complete, there were some errors, etc. So, many bugs and typos were fixed, sources cleaned up, some flexibility added with ini settings, releases are now built automatically, etc.
Also, new releases include multiple translations that were sourced from various fan sites initially and continued in BGforge translation system.

UPU and RPU are hosted on github, everyone is free to browse the sources, submit issues and pull requests.
Both projects are in maintenance mode, which means no new content is planned to be added. (But this is not a hard rule, and if you make a compelling argument and moreover, willing to implement the changes yourself, it's possible.)

Bugs are best reported to the corresponding repos on github, according to instruction.
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