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.bgforge.yml reference

Post by Magus » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:44 am

.bgforge.yml example with values pertaining to Golem:

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  mod_dir: wildmage  # OPTIONAL.
  platforms:         # REQUIRED. List of IE platforms that you want to test your mod on
    - tob            # note: this is ToB with G3 BG2 Fixpack, not vanilla
    - bgee
    - bg2ee
    - bgt
    - sod
    - eet
  happy: true        # OPTIONAL. Omit if you don't want Happy IE
  mail: warning      # OPTIONAL. Set to false to disable emails  
You must include at least one platform. Currently supported platforms: tob, bgee, bg2ee, bgt, sod, eet. I hope the names are self-explaining.
Note that "tob" includes latest BG2 Fixpack. More platforms may be added, depending on feedback and other circumstances.

Optional: "mod_dir" is path to mod directory inside the repo. Golem will find it automatically if you have your tp2 in repo root or one level deeper.

Optional "happy: true" enables Happy IE testing suite for the mod. Note that it can be overzealous, but that's what testing suites are. You are welcome to improve it.

Optional "mail" setting can be "error", "warning" or "false". Default value is warning, so if the setting is missing, you'll get alerts on both errors and warnings.

A live example is available here.
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