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Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2022 10:41 am
by Magus
ZAX is a Fallout 2 game manager.
It should work with any game based on Fallout 2 engine.

- So far, it allows to confgure game itself, sfall (including single-click upgrade with preserving local configuration), hi-res mod, as well as create comprehensive packages for bug reporting.
- Mapping out every single setting from config files is not the goal. Presenting most commonly used settings sanely and clearly is.
- The overarching purpose is to smooth out any common pain points and ease player/modder communication (with regards to bug reporting). Feature list is not closed, and I'm open to ideas, feature requests. Development help is also welcome.
- It should automatically detect installed games, if they are in standard paths (including GoG, Steam, etc). If it doesn't - it's a bug, feel free to report. For non-standard paths, games can be added manually.
- ZAX is named after the Vault-Tec AI brand.
- It's cross platform, everybody can enjoy.
- It's pretty early stage, so some bugs or crashes are expected. So far, tested on vanilla FO2, UPU, RPU.

Readme. Download. Bugs are better reported to github.