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Suggestion: Character overhaul

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2021 4:50 pm
by ExE-64-
I'd like to suggest a kind of a community open source project on the actual PC-NPC visual appearance

1. Player character 
-Skin colour - dark/light/in between
-Vault suit always on with armor underneath at all times - since altering the head with different skin colours and hairstyles would be much easier to do on an actual vault jumpsuit model with armor overlaid over the jumpsuit

-Perhaps even a body size corelating with small frame/large frame perks having a visual presence on the character sprites:
small frame=images narrowed by a small % , scaled down a small %, no perks resulting in default sprite

Would be amazing to see body size narrowing/widening and rescaling for the NPC character as well depending on their description
as well as models they use (Reno bosses looking like bums in rags rather than scaled down and narrowed down tuxedo model? )

Is this sort of thing possible with the modern tools at our disposal today? I am aware the haircut mode is a thing and an amazing mod at that, restoration pack made armors visible on companions as overlay - why not do the same for Player's ancestral vault jumpsuit? We know lore wise it never comes off the tribal - eg. showing it in Vault City

Re: Suggestion: Character overhaul

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 3:00 am
by Magus
There is no overlay. All existing appearance modifications are made by modifiying thousands of frames manually.
What you suggest would require re-creating 3d models from scratch and rendering frames from them. It's not a new idea, but so far, nobody has even tried to do that.

Re: Suggestion: Character overhaul

Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:12 pm
by ExE-64-
3d to 2d sprite critter would be amazing and would open great potential such as double or triple critter resolution ect.
What I am describing is compiling community made projects into 1 Universal Player Character critter

What I'm suggesting is "Universal Player Character critters"​ project featuring:
-vault suit frames of all possible combination of
black/white skinned
bald/normal/long haired

-armors redone in such a way that the ones fully covering the body are untouched, but the ones exposing limbs are done by overlaying cut assets of the armor frames onto the vault jumpsuit frame​​​​​​, which in my opinion does the lore justice and slightly eases the mass production leaving the head the biggest task to tackle on the frames

There is already projects such as Restoration project integrated bald-long hairstyle
If I had to guess, Restoration project integrated companion armor mod that baked armor sprites over companion sprites
There are also projects for player character skin colour like Dark boy ... v2.220444/

Surely there is a software solution for a partially automated creation of such frames?
Thank you for your reply , nice to meet and get info from distinguished individuals such as yourself

Re: Suggestion: Character overhaul

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:27 am
by Magus
There is no automation, which is why there's very little new sprites.