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Post by Magus » Wed Mar 30, 2022 10:41 am

ZAX is a Fallout 2 game manager.
It should work with any game based on Fallout 2 engine.

- So far, it allows to confgure game itself, sfall (including single-click upgrade with preserving local configuration), hi-res mod, as well as create comprehensive packages for bug reporting.
- Mapping out every single setting from config files is not the goal. Presenting most commonly used settings sanely and clearly is.
- The overarching purpose is to smooth out any common pain points and ease player/modder communication (with regards to bug reporting). Feature list is not closed, and I'm open to ideas, feature requests. Development help is also welcome.
- It should automatically detect installed games, if they are in standard paths (including GoG, Steam, etc). If it doesn't - it's a bug, feel free to report. For non-standard paths, games can be added manually.
- ZAX is named after the Vault-Tec AI brand.
- It's cross platform, everybody can enjoy.
- It's pretty early stage, so some bugs or crashes are expected. So far, tested on vanilla FO2, UPU, RPU.

Readme. Download. Bugs are better reported to github.

Please do not PM or email me about my mods and projects. Use forums. Also, see our talk channels.

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