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Highlight on empty corpses and stuff

Post by maiser » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:46 pm

I recently re-installed fallout 2 because of some perfomance issues i had.
After using GOG V with RP 2.3.3, Sfall V4.1.9.1 and Fo2Tweaks V10 highlighting has changed.
Now empty corpses, shelfs, containers and such are highlighted as well. I tried fooling around with the fo2tweaks.ini but cant seem to change that. I also tried fooling around with the ddraw.ini, the line 

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;A key to press to toggle the highlighting of all items on the ground on the current map
The code was 32 to begin with.

This is line from fo2tweaks.ini

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; set to 1 to only highlight objects in the player's line-of-sight
; skip empty containers and corpses
I would like to only highlight when the corpses and stuff have any items on them. Much cleaner. I think its the GOG version thats doing it but dont know where to change code.

EDIT: I checked in the game directory and came over a "sfall-mods.ini", and guess what, everything was duplicated there. So i just disabled those duplicates and now everything works fine.

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Re: Highlight on empty corpses and stuff

Post by Magus » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:58 am

Yes, sfall native highlighting should be disabled if FO2tweaks version is used. It's mentioned in the ini, I'll add a note to readme as well.
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