Unlimited party, improved damage formula, better healing system, comprehensive highlighting and more.
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Version 9

Post by Magus » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:55 pm

Version 9 is a massive overhaul of the mod, with intent to make it as compatible as possible.
Unfortunately, it means that some components such as oxygen tank radon protection and game speedup had to be removed... for now. However, many new ones were added.

New components:
  • Revised damage formula, to make AP/JHP ammo work more closely to what common sense dictates.
  • Overhauled healing system: Doctor and First Aid are more useful, and healing is applied automatically on rest, Baldur's Gate style!
  • Improved highligthing mod.
  • Hotkey remapping.
  • And many others. Check the readme for the full list.

Version 9.2 is a bugfix release, correcting critical damage calculation.
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